Armotech exists in the Nanotex galaxy it created nanotech but Gadgetone stole the secret plan for Nanotech and took all of the creedit for it but then Professor Fizzlekeys, founder of Armotech commited suicide while ratchet was watching. Armotech was never put onto the Ratchet And Clank game for uknow reasons. Most of it was destroyed by the Obliterator the rest Darth Vader destroyed having smoked so much crack cocaine.

Armotech was friends with The Elders so they had the second Mars Bars which made them the richesst compay ever the Zoni actually had the first but they was too small to sell them so armotech get them and make them more popular.

Games they were going to appear inEdit

They were going to appear in Ratchet And Clank: Armotech Counts but it was cancelled because of the release of Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time. In addition, that game contained far too much porn and naked people, so it was censored. It also encouraged people to smoke crack 500 times a day at the age of 7 so Ratchet and Clank: Fu** will be created instead

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