Armour exists. It helps save your sorry ass because you're too slow to dodge a 1 mph beach ball that will fuck you up. Generally useless and massively overpriced, but you look not so gay wearing it.

Bestest Armorz Edit

There is no armor you dipshit.

Carbonox because you can actually survive for more than 5 seconds.

Infernox because you can survive for more than 2 seconds and light tribesmen on fire.

Crusader because it looked awesome but the armor didn't do anything worth a damn in this game because Ratchet turned emo.

Easily the Mega-Bomb because masturbating with it put all the asplodeyness in your dingdong and gave infinitely bigger orgasms.

No armor again, dumbass, you're in prison for banging that hooker.

No best armor because the armor was all shit in this game.

Hey fucknuts, no armor again, didn't see that coming, no sir...

Ectoflux because you can stab people with the visor like you're some bird.


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