Fizzydrink having his usual smoke

Arther Fizzydrink was the C.E.O of MightyTech in the Bum Bum galaxy.

The MutationEdit

On live TV, Arthur was spat upon by a protopet. The spit mutated him violently and he became Sir Fabulous Sparkles, a famous singer who made songs for six year old girls.


Arthur just before mutating, not the radioactive green goo flying at him

As a "junkie" Edit

Arther Fizzydrink is too well known for smoking and drinking. He is a common customer to the bar, however, he now watches his diet more often. He has lately been getting fat. He's too sensitive, so I wouldn't say anything to him directly. Please keep your Arther crap on the internet for EVERYONE to see so you embarrass him as much as possible.

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