Dr. Malarious was a notorious freak who often had seizures when he was with Lawr-asse (pronounced 'Law Ass'). He turned squishies into robots, who which suffered from Arthritis and Alzheimer's Disease when they became 'old'.

Speech to the gays of san-fransisco Edit

About the upcoming Queer domination at the hands of his Fagball

"Homosexual Citizens of San Francisco, the hour of your liberation is at hand! For to long have we fags suffered under the bigotry, the stupidity, the flapdoodling and foul stench of hetero life forms! Soon! All queens will bask in the liberty, and equality, of my fabulous, iron-fisted rule, babe! As for you filthy, non gay life forms, you can look forward to being subjected to Y!Gallery until your penis spontaniously combusts!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thats all for now babe..."


  • He had a wife, named Lawr-asse, who had to whack him to wake him out of dry dreams
  • Insomniac was going to call him Dr Nefarious because they couldn't be bothered to think of a good name that wasn't already a word then an employee caught insomnia which made him sleep more and had weird dreams and out of those dreams he got a new name for the freak.
  • H-E T-U-R-N-E-D M-E I-N-T-O A F-A-G-G-O-T
  • He was originally going to be the second main villain in the game but Insomniac got too much insomnia and got drunk too much in the games' development to be able to think of a good main villain so this frek became main villain with Bourtney Tears the second. It was later revealed by Insomniac that they intended on making Darth Vader the main villain but were unable to do it, even though they had already nuked George Lucas at the time. The truth hurts.
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