Home to the Lombaxes, this planet remains untouched by the heroin scourge woohoo. They had a ceremony of fasting then watching cartoons it was stopped because all cartoons contained porn which little kids hated and that fasting (only eating Lombax Yoghurt) was kinda crappy it was brought back later because they wanted to unspoil Tachyon itfailed caused he wanted Mars Bars.

Unlike tons of planets, this one is not retarted.


A terrible time in the history of Fastoon was when the groups of evil struck and began fucking each other in the ass. The drugs were sent to Veldin where the lombaxes could peacefully watch those Motha fuckas screw up their planet. The hippies commited suicide and Ratchet didn't need to screw anybody! He love his fat ol' wrench! The hippies brought the last of the drugs with them and shot some fertilized eggs. Poor girls.

Oh wait. This is a different story...

Crap dump Edit

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