Why log in?Edit

While logging in is not necessary to read articles on this site or (in most cases) to edit them, logging in does have several advantages.

Logged-in, registered users can move pages, set their preferences for browsing the site, and upload images. Using a registered username will also allow other editors to recognize you by your username when you make changes to pages, even if you edit pages from more than one computer or from an internet connection with a changing IP address.

Problems logging inEdit

If you appear to be able to log in, but as soon as you try to look at a page after the 'Log in successful' page you appear logged out again, it is very likely to be a cookie problem. Check that cookies are enabled in our browser for this site.

If you don't remember your password, but you have entered an email address when you first registered your account, there is an option in the login screen you can use to send a new password to that email address.

Other Wikia sitesEdit

Once you have registered a username, you can use the same username and password on other wikis hosted by Wikia. Check the central Wikia page to start looking for other Wikia you may want to contribute to.

External linksEdit

See Help:Logging in on for more information.

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