Percival Tachyon was a little Fragmite that was so stupid that Ratchet and Clank went to shut him up so he would die. Insulting his name will make him throw a Bitch Fit. Tachyon loves Mars Bars chocolate so much he ordered a life time of it.

History Edit

Tachyon was raised by lombaxes because they wanted to train him to become a Jedi so he could kill Darth Vader. They accidently spoilt him. He kept demanding for Cryosleep and Mars bars so the Lombaxes abandoned him. Tachyon got mad because they left him waiting for his Mars bar. In revenge, he blackmailed the Drophyds to help him kill the Lombaxes, who ran away yelling "What is his problem?!". Ratchet escaped, but Tachyon tried to kill him because being so dumb, he thought Ratchet had stolen it and eaten it. He is also the "Genius" founder of Ratchet & Clank Wiki.


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