A Zoni was an being with a sausage head ruled by Dr. Malarious. They were known to be friends with The Elders. They coulg travel in time and to other dimensions but they have not been to the following dimensions:

The Zoni were also rumored to have made the Plaiztation 3, az well az mani other productz.

Wars Edit

The Zoni had an interuniversal war with the Fairies obviously the Zoni won so the fairies left forever and did not come back which is good because fairies suck.

They also warred with the Technomites for no reason it was apparently because they wanted to be the best ancient race with tons of tech they stopped when the only ones left were little tiny ones that are crap so they left. Looking for a place in society, the zoni became Dr. Malarious' army good thing they weren't in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Ass because if they were then it would suck imagine Ratchet zapping the Zoni with the crappy weapons he had in that game!

Abduction Edit

The Zoni abduct people for fun like Clank and Clark. They abduct tons of idiots for no reason or if they are told to, for Dr. Malarious to repair them.


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